How to use the Adaptation Partnership Framework

While every adaptation partnership is unique there are key attributes that help partnerships to develop and work effectively:

  • • Leadership - including vision, empowerment, and influence
  • • Evidence - including co-developing and maintaining an evidence base, understanding & communicating the evidence and monitoring, evaluating and learning
  • • Partnership - including healthy culture, building strong governance and supporting structures and collaborate
  • • Resource - People/Assets & Communication/Funding

The Framework provides practical actions that can help partnerships develop these attributes over time. The actions are not prescriptive – pick and choose the actions that are most relevant to you.

We have developed a set of actions for each attribute and set these out over three stages:

  • Stage 1: Initiate - actions for partnerships in the early stages of forming
  • Stage 2: Develop - actions for partnerships that have formed and begun working together
  • Stage 3: Advance - actions for partnerships that are well established.

The Framework also includes::

  • Tools to help you establish current progress with partnership working and set intentions for the future
  • Inspiring case studies of adaptation partnerships from across Ireland and the UK.
  • Lists of all actions grouped by stage.